Friday, August 5, 2011

The Beez Kneez is the Beez Kneez

Last week, the people (by which I mean family) and I went to a bee event in a garden here in Minneapolis. Yes, scoffers, a bee event. We attend bee events because we raise bees and also because bees rule (and even more so when you write it: beez). Bees rule because they pollinate our stuff like flowers and vegetables and fruits and nuts. Without them we wouldn't have nearly as many of those things. So put down your carrots, those of you who scoff at bees. You don't deserve amenities such as food if you don't love and respect bees and the people who attend their events.

Just kidding about the carrot. Carrots are root vegetables, so they would grow even without pollination. But you need them to be pollinated if you want the seeds so you can grow them again next year. So put down your F2 carrots, you who scoff at bees. (If you understand the F2 reference, you are a big nerd.)

Anyway, Kristy from The Beez Kneez was at said bee event. She delivers local honey (made by her uncle's bees up north) and she obviously understands the finer points of the spelling of bees versus beez. Kristy delivers the honey ON HER BIKE. Wait, there's more. She delivers the honey ON HER BIKE, WHICH IS PAINTED TO LOOK LIKE A BEE. AND she delivers the honey ON HER BIKE, WHICH IS PAINTED TO LOOK LIKE A BEE WHILE WEARING A BEE COSTUME. A BEE COSTUME!!! In sum: Kristy delivers honey ON HER BIKE, WHICH IS PAINTED TO LOOK LIKE A BEE WHILE WEARING A BEE COSTUME EVEN IN THE DEAD OF A MINNESOTA WINTER. She is my heroine.

Also, she gave Little A a sticker.

Anyway, we bought some of her honey from her at the bee event. (Because our bees are still only producing enough honey for themselves to survive the winter and because it seemed straight up mean to ask her to deliver it to our house when she was standing right in front of us.)

It is delicious. You should order some (if you live in Minneapolis) because having a bee deliver honey to your door is so much more 2011 than a singing telegram, which leaves you with nothing but a memory. The Beez Kneez will leave you with this:



  1. That honey looks fantastic and what a great day.

  2. How fun! I totally want her to deliver some honey to my house!! But, I live in Oklahoma.

    I am totally a bee scoffer. I'm sorry. I am a bee-scaredy-cat.

    New follower from EBT :)

  3. hehehe I'll admit it.. I can't stand bees. Maybe it's because I swell up ALOT when stung :P

    WOW! I can't believe Kristy actually does that! I'd love a picture ;)

    Also a new follower from EBT :)

  4. Catherine, I know, getting a picture would have been reason alone to have her deliver it. Fortunately, there are pictures of her on her bee bike around town on her website.

    Margaret, Too bad she doesn't deliver to Oklahoma! It be such a great gift for people who have seasonal allergies (local honey is supposed to help people with allergies by exposing them to small amounts of pollen over the entire year).

    Thanks, all! xo